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Meeting Minutes

Community Council Mtg.

March 5, 2019

Attending:  Dave Gerstheimer, Heather Cragun, Kadee Frew, Stacy Adams, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Michelle Bliss

Dave shared that 1 teacher from each grade has been trained in the Launch Program.  Kits and supplies are being ordered to implement the Kindergarten module school-wide.  No funds were necessary so far from TrustLand money for this year. Funding for teacher training and 1 module supplies were funded from other sources.  Extra money from this year’s TrustLand budget will be rolled over to next year. Money has been earmarked for next year’s budget to go toward PLTW along with a grant from the Foundation to have the whole school be trained and begin implementing Launch in the Fall.

Michelle reported on our school goals.  TrustLand Money for 2019-2020 will help accomplish 3 goals:

  • See 60% typical or better student growth on DIBELS in grades K-3.
  • Students in grades 4-6 will show an overall 4% growth in proficiency of grade level language arts and math essential learning targets.
  • Implement PLTW Launch program in grades K-6 to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.   

These goals will include partial funding for some intervention help for grades 4-6 and training teachers in PLTW.  

Ashley made a motion to approve the Trust Lands plan for 2019-2020.  

Cindy seconded the motion.

All voted in favor of the plan for next year as written in the Trust Land Plan.



Community Council Mtg.

January 23, 2019

Attending:  Dave Gerstheimer, Kadee Frew, Heather Cragun, Nicole Westmoreland, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton

Jayna Frost, PLTW Launch Trainer and John Donley, CTE Coordinator for Weber School Dis. presented information to the council about Project Lead The Way.  

Project Lead the Way is a national program that provides opportunities for students to develop problem-solving skills and higher-level thinking while working as a team.  They encourage a growth mindset and learn by making mistakes and trying new things. Students use STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Math) to solve real problems. PLTW has programs for the high school  (PLTW), junior high (Gateway) and elementary levels (Launch).

To become a Launch school, teachers would be trained and then spend 10 hours each on 2 different Launch modules that correlate with that grade’s science curriculum.  These modules can be done as extension activities in May when testing is done, or other times of the year as decided by each grade level team.

Hooper wants to implement the program this year, and we are gathering information about costs, with the idea that some of our TrustLand money could go towards it.  With some funding from the Foundation (about $5,000 for next year) we can start 2019-2020 school year. We can begin training and have the whole school be introduced to the Launch program April and May of this year - 2019, by all doing 1 Kindergarten module.  

The plan is to have a big kick-off for next year to get the community excited and involved.  

Mr. G will find out exactly how much is left in our TrustLand Budget and amend the TrustLand plan if needed.  

All members voted in favor to go forth with teacher trainings this year and the school will be introduced to the Launch program by using the Kindergarten module as a whole school beginning in April.

November 14, 2018

Attending:  Kadee Frew, Cindy Pendleton, Dave Gerstheimer, Ashley Droscher, Nicole Westmoreland, Heather Cragun

Jana Frost, 4th grade teacher from Green Acres presented info about Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  She is district specialist for the program.

  • PLTW teaches problem solving and critical thinking skills by using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • To implement PLTW program at the elementary level, the community should be involved.  
  • $10,000 to start up the program.  These initial costs would be divided over a 2 year time period  - More info will be gathered about specific amounts that are due each year.  
  • The bulk of the costs are for Training - 2 teachers  would go to extensive training and come back to help teach the other teachers at the school at a 2 day training.
  • The other costs in the $10,000 go toward the $750 annual program fee and the purchasing the kits for student use.  
  • The program costs about $1200/year for each year after to pay for the annual fee and the consumable materials.  
  • There are 4 modules - each 10 hours long - teachers would choose 2 of the modules to do during the year.    She recommends starting the year with 1 module, then doing another module in May after testing is done.
  • Highly engaging activities for kids with  open ended solutions as long as problems are solved within the parameters given.  
  • Community Council would need to help provide some of the funds with TrustLand money

Discussion was had about how to fund the program.  

  • Nicole volunteered to talk with businesses like ATK, AutoLiv and Hill AFB to see if they would donate
  • There is a possibility of $4000 left over in our TrustLand budget for technology that could be used for PLTW if we amend our budget.  Dave will get an itemized list of where Trustland money is going, instead of the lump sum amount the district printouts for us.
  • Most money from TrustLands is going toward salaries for Aides to help at school.
  • We will follow up with Jana about how much money is due each year for the first 2 years.

Mr. G. reported that our SAGE scores dropped last year owing to the fact that we dedicated a lot of time on the new math program instead of as much on Language Arts.  Changes are being made for this year.

Mr. G  reported that teachers have been developing Essential Learning Targets (ELTs)  for English Language Arts. These will guide the teachers in their planning and assessing.  

Next Meeting:  Jan 9 3:30 pm


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Present:  Ashley Droscher, Nicole Westmooreland, Kadee Frew, Cindy Pendleton, Michelle Bliss, Barbara Brown, Dave Gerstheimer

Watched training video about Trust Lands.

Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist reported on DIBBLES scores for the end of 2017-2018.

  • 2% more kids reached benchmark
  • 2nd & 3rd grades looked best
  • K-1 struggled
  • State looks at which kids made a year of progress
  • 61% students made 1 year of growth.
  • Kindergarten seems to slow down because DIBBLES measures nonsense words and kids keep trying to make sense of them.
  • K teachers need to work on letter naming quickly.
  • 1st grade was at 49% because of large class sizes. They have switched up their interventions.
  • 2nd grade had 78% growth. Gave leveled phonics instruction – High, regular and 2 low groups.
  • 3rd grade made 75% growth – They had everyone in a group getting reading instruction.
  • 1st grade had 6 groups – teachers and Michelle doing writing, reading, phonics, word study and comprehension.

President Ashley Droscher

Vice-Pres. Cindy Pendleton

Trust Lands money was spent on:

  • Training
  • Replacing projectors
  • Chromebook plans
  • Training conference Oct. 8, 9, 10

Meeting dates for 2018-2019 :  Nov. 14, Jan 9, Feb. 20

SAGE SCORES FOR for 3-6 grades

2017         Lang. Arts 49%          Math  57%         Science  52%

2018         Lang Arts   42%         Math  53%          Science  48%

Talk about RICE test for 2018-2019


Community Council Meeting

March 14, 2018

Attending:   Dave Gerstheimer, Heather Cragun, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Nicole Westmoreland, Kadee Frew

Mr. G reported that the Budget Proposal for next year had been approved by all members via email last week.  Our expenses for this year have been right on track with what we had budgeted.

If we have extra money next year, we would like to get another Chromebook Cart, bringing our total to 4 carts in the building.  We will continue to pay for our aide time as we have been doing to support our K-3 reading.

Nicole asked if our teacher staffing for next year will be the same as this year.  Mr. G said that the numbers look like we will have 4 Kindergarten classes, 4 1st grade, 4 2nd grade, 4 3rd grade, 3 4th grade, 3 5th grade and 3 6th grade again.  He did say that Hooper City told him that there are several new housing developments that under underway, which could increase our numbers. We are running at full capacity now and Boundary Exceptions for grades 4-6 have been revoked to help alleviate our large upper grade classes.  If we get more students registered, we will get more teachers as the need arises.

Teachers will be focusing on Essential Learning Targets for Reading next year, like they have been doing for Math.  

Meeting was adjourned.


Community Council Meeting

January 31, 2018


In attendance:  Dave Gerstheimer, Principal; Kadee Frew, PTA President; Cindy Pendleton, Community member; Nicole Westmoreland, Community Member; Sarah Tenney, Community member; Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Trustlands Plan Update/School Business:  

Mr. Gerstheimer reported that the projected Trustlands funding for next school year (2018-19) would be approximately $62,000.

He also reported that he ordered a new Chrome Book Cart and 30 Chromebooks to be used K-3.  Amount spent was approximately $7,700.  The school all ready has a Chromebook cart with 35 Chromebooks which will now be used by grades 4-6.  If funding is available, Mr. Gerstheimer would like to buy another Chromebook cart this spring.

Mrs. Bliss shared a quick review of the DIBELS data gathered in January Benchmark testing. Overall, each grade showed reduction in the number of students considered below grade level and increase in students considered on grade level.  She also discussed the change in intervention groups this year and how that is impacting all students, not just those below grade level.

Mrs. Tenney shared that her brother works for another school district’s IT department and has expertise in making Chromebooks and iPads more student-friendly for elementary student use.  She said he is willing to share with our school or the District IT Department.  Mr. G will get her contact information.  She feels that his expertise would help our District integrate technology into classrooms in a better way than is currently happening.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14 at 3:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned.


Community Council Meeting

Dec. 20, 2017

Attending:  Dave Gerstheimer, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Kadee Frew, Heather Cragun

The Leadership Team reported on the conference they attended in Florida over the summer.  These are some things they learned:

  • How to collaborate as teams in PLC meetings
  • All students can achieve at high levels
  • How to implement self-assessments with students
  • Encouraging a Growth Mindset with students

The team has been sharing what they learned with the faculty in Professional Development Trainings and the faculty has noticed that the changes being implemented are having a positive impact on student learning.

Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist reported on the Small Group Instruction that is happening in grades K-3.  

  • All students are in a small group, at the same time, with a teacher, or aide to work on skills at their level
  • Groups meet 4 times/week for 20-130 minutes.
  • They are working on reading and writing skills
  • The new groups are proving to be a great way to reach ALL students in areas they need.

Mr. G shared the latest budget report to see where funds are being used - Monies thus far are paying Aide salaries for them to assist in each class.

Next meeting will be Jan 17.  3;30 pm


Community Council Minutes for

October 25, 2017


Attending: Cindy Pendleton, Ashley Drosher, Nicole Westmoreland, Dave Gerstheimer, Heather Cragun

1.  Mr. G showed the training videos about Trust Lands & how Trust Land money is generated, and how schools and community councils use that money in their schools.  

2.  Reviewed the minutes from the last meeting of March 1, 2017.

  • Reviewed our goals from last year.  
    • Improving reading by using more aides for help in grades K-2
    • Increasing math SAGE scores by 1%
    • Helping to supplement  the salary for our Art Teacher
  • Following up with Sara’s idea about the reading program at Sunset Elementary, Dave talked with the principal of that school.  
    • They don’t have a specific program, but instead group their kids into “Scatter Groups” for small group reading instruction in each grade.  Grades K-2 have already begun doing that at Hooper this year.  
  • Ashley moved to approve the minutes.  Cindy seconded it and the motion passed.  

3. Dave reported on how last year’s budget and how the money was used.  He also shared this year’s budget.  We have an increase from the amount we had last year.  Most money was used for aide time in grades K-2.  We did not have to supplement the Art teacher this year as we had anticipated.  Though we could very well need to this year and any surplus monies we have would be used to help her with supplies she may need.

4. The Leadership Team attended a conference in Florida over the summer about PLC’s and ELT’s (Essential Learning Targets).  They have been teaching our staff about what they learned and it has been very helpful in focusing our planning this year. The fees for the conference will come out of this year’s budget.  Our goals and budget will essentially remain the same this year.  If there is a surplus, it will go towards technology for our school.  

5. Cindy suggested that the “General Supplies” category on our budget print out should be more specific.  Dave said he would talk to the district guy to change that, or at least the wording, so it would not read “Supplies.”  

6. There was no new business.  

7.  The dates for the next meetings were proposed and approved:  Dec. 13, Jan 17, Mar 7 at 3:30 in the extra 4th grade room.  

8. Cindy and others would like to hear a report from the Leadership Team next time about what they learned at their conference.   Dave said he would arrange that.  


Meeting was adjourned until Dec. 13.


Community Council Minutes for

March 1, 2017


Attending:  Lori Brinkerhoff, Katie Frew, Sara Tenney, Ashley Drosher, Cindy Pendelton, Dave Gerstheimer, Barbara Brown

Mr. G. went over the budget for the 2017/2018 school year.  Budget is set to increase by about $13,000.  Budget will be used for keeping aides in place to tutor reading and math, and monies also will be used to help replace technology in the form of new projectors.  New projectors cost about $867 each.  Projectors are 10 years old. Some monies from the candy sales will also help fund replacement of projectors.

He would like to send teachers on a rotating schedule to some conferences at a cost of about $1000 per teacher for a 3-day conference.

The PLC’s have worked well with getting teachers to get dialogue on the best practices for teaching the Big Rocks in the core curriculum.  

Lori Brinkerhoff feels it is a good use of the money to keep the projectors up and running, as they are being used on a daily basis for teaching. She also agreed that teachers could benefit from workshops.

Dave talked about how teachers have willingly taken the Big Rocks project on and told about Ashley Hunt teaching Mindset classes and even teaching some on the district level.  She is doing a fantastic job!

Sara Tenney talked about a program used in Oregon that supports the gifted and talented.  All teachers did reading at the same time and they expand the better readers up a level as needed per their abilities.  She would like to see this program discussed as an option for coming years for Hooper Elementary.  She also suggests the U of U program called Next Steps.  A reading program that has benefitted Sunset Elementary School.  Aimed at first and second graders.  Says they have seem incredible results.

Lori Brinkerhoff wondered if Sage testing results are still available.

Cindy Pendelton wondered when we could put in the reading hour with block schedules and the art classes.

Art teacher is paid about 4,000 out of the school funds, not trust land monies.  She is also paid by a grant and North Ogden Elem.  

Lori Brinkerhoff Motions to accept the budget  

Ashley Drosher seconds the motion.  All agreed

Sara wants the reading idea looked at for next year.  Mr. G said he would like to look into it and would not implement until 2018 if it was something that works for our school.

Brinkerhoff agrees that it is a good idea to wait and study it out

Discussion on benefits and disadvantages for the gifted with the reading hour .


Community Council Minutes for

December 14, 2016

Hooper Elementary

In attendance:   Mr.  Gerstheimer, principal

                                Cindy Pendleton

                                Ahsley Droscher

                                Barbara Brown

                                Michelle Bliss

                                Stephanie Leichty


Dave suggests to the parents invite a couple more parents to join us.

Stephanie gave an overview of what we are doing this year with our PLC time.

The goal is to get teams to be more effective in their teaching and to work more with student data.  

Teachers spent time unpacking the math standards, looking for the Big Rocks or what is essential to know what is good to know and what is nice to know or fluff.  

Teachers are working to break down the standards and develop common assessments.  

The goal is to get teachers on the same page. One of the things we focusing on is the way common assessments are being given and scored.

Dave shared a video clip of professional development day and the teachers working on vertical alignment.  

He also said the district might require all schools to hold 90 min of PLC time per week for next year.

Next year’s Trustland funds should be more, possibly twice as much.  With the money will probably have more money for aide time. Aides are doing a great job.

Math adoption will possibly not be just one program like before.  

Dave anticipates that the school may have to put some money up for the program. Some money may need to come from Trustland funds for this math.

Also on budget items Dave would like to send a leadership team to SLC for training workshops. This would be on a 1-3 year plan to send different groups so all can attend.

Looking ahead

Meeting will be Feb 8

Discussion of $$$$ for the budget.


Community Council Minutes for

October 14, 2016

Hooper Elementary

In attendance:   Mr.  Gerstheimer, principal

                                Lori Brinkerhott

                                Ahsley Droscher

                                Lee Claycomb, for Barbara Brown

                                Michelle Bliss


                Mr. Gerstheimer reported on last year’s budget. Most of the budget goes to supporting aide time.  These aides help with direct student remediation and work in all grades.   The school did very well on both the SAGE and DIBELS benchmarking test, the school received a “B” grade from the state.  

                This year’s budget will remain the same.  As a school, we have made a very ambitious goal to increase our overall testing scores by 10%.    The faculty is very committed to continuing to work hard to show an increase. 

                As a faculty, we are training on “Mindset” in our faculty meetings.  We hope that this training will help our student understand how they learn and improve our student body’s attitude towards the rigorous expectations we now face.   Ashley Hunt is spearheading this training.   We also have allotted a weekly time in our block schedule for grade level teams to meet in what is called a Professional Learning Community (PLC).  This time will be used to look over data gathered, student progress, and best instructional techniques. The Trustland’s budget pays the aide time to make this possible.  Students will rotate through Physical Education, Library, and computer/typing training during this block time.  


The community council watched a video about the Trustland system and proposed changes.   There is a Constitutional Amendment proposed by Senator Ann Milner, which, if passed could significantly increase revenue from the Trustland’s management, which in turn would be passed along to local schools.   We are hopeful this amendment will pass.


The meeting schedule posted. Reviewed and accepted. 

No other new business.

Meeting Adjourned.