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Community Council Meeting

Dec. 20, 2017

Attending:  Dave Gerstheimer, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Kadee Frew, Heather Cragun

The Leadership Team reported on the conference they attended in Florida over the summer.  These are some things they learned:

  • How to collaborate as teams in PLC meetings
  • All students can achieve at high levels
  • How to implement self-assessments with students
  • Encouraging a Growth Mindset with students

The team has been sharing what they learned with the faculty in Professional Development Trainings and the faculty has noticed that the changes being implemented are having a positive impact on student learning.

Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist reported on the Small Group Instruction that is happening in grades K-3.  

  • All students are in a small group, at the same time, with a teacher, or aide to work on skills at their level
  • Groups meet 4 times/week for 20-130 minutes.
  • They are working on reading and writing skills
  • The new groups are proving to be a great way to reach ALL students in areas they need.

Mr. G shared the latest budget report to see where funds are being used - Monies thus far are paying Aide salaries for them to assist in each class.

Next meeting will be Jan 17.  3;30 pm

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