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Community Council Meeting

January 31, 2018


In attendance:  Dave Gerstheimer, Principal; Kadee Frew, PTA President; Cindy Pendleton, Community member; Nicole Westmoreland, Community Member; Sarah Tenney, Community member; Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Trustlands Plan Update/School Business:  

Mr. Gerstheimer reported that the projected Trustlands funding for next school year (2018-19) would be approximately $62,000.

He also reported that he ordered a new Chrome Book Cart and 30 Chromebooks to be used K-3.  Amount spent was approximately $7,700.  The school all ready has a Chromebook cart with 35 Chromebooks which will now be used by grades 4-6.  If funding is available, Mr. Gerstheimer would like to buy another Chromebook cart this spring.

Mrs. Bliss shared a quick review of the DIBELS data gathered in January Benchmark testing. Overall, each grade showed reduction in the number of students considered below grade level and increase in students considered on grade level.  She also discussed the change in intervention groups this year and how that is impacting all students, not just those below grade level.

Mrs. Tenney shared that her brother works for another school district’s IT department and has expertise in making Chromebooks and iPads more student-friendly for elementary student use.  She said he is willing to share with our school or the District IT Department.  Mr. G will get her contact information.  She feels that his expertise would help our District integrate technology into classrooms in a better way than is currently happening.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14 at 3:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned.

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