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Community Council Meeting

March 14, 2018

Attending:   Dave Gerstheimer, Heather Cragun, Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Nicole Westmoreland, Kadee Frew

Mr. G reported that the Budget Proposal for next year had been approved by all members via email last week.  Our expenses for this year have been right on track with what we had budgeted.

If we have extra money next year, we would like to get another Chromebook Cart, bringing our total to 4 carts in the building.  We will continue to pay for our aide time as we have been doing to support our K-3 reading.

Nicole asked if our teacher staffing for next year will be the same as this year.  Mr. G said that the numbers look like we will have 4 Kindergarten classes, 4 1st grade, 4 2nd grade, 4 3rd grade, 3 4th grade, 3 5th grade and 3 6th grade again.  He did say that Hooper City told him that there are several new housing developments that under underway, which could increase our numbers. We are running at full capacity now and Boundary Exceptions for grades 4-6 have been revoked to help alleviate our large upper grade classes.  If we get more students registered, we will get more teachers as the need arises.

Teachers will be focusing on Essential Learning Targets for Reading next year, like they have been doing for Math.  

Meeting was adjourned.

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