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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Present:  Ashley Droscher, Nicole Westmooreland, Kadee Frew, Cindy Pendleton, Michelle Bliss, Barbara Brown, Dave Gerstheimer

Watched training video about Trust Lands.

Michelle Bliss, Reading Specialist reported on DIBBLES scores for the end of 2017-2018.

  • 2% more kids reached benchmark
  • 2nd & 3rd grades looked best
  • K-1 struggled
  • State looks at which kids made a year of progress
  • 61% students made 1 year of growth.
  • Kindergarten seems to slow down because DIBBLES measures nonsense words and kids keep trying to make sense of them.
  • K teachers need to work on letter naming quickly.
  • 1st grade was at 49% because of large class sizes. They have switched up their interventions.
  • 2nd grade had 78% growth. Gave leveled phonics instruction – High, regular and 2 low groups.
  • 3rd grade made 75% growth – They had everyone in a group getting reading instruction.
  • 1st grade had 6 groups – teachers and Michelle doing writing, reading, phonics, word study and comprehension.

President Ashley Droscher

Vice-Pres. Cindy Pendleton

Trust Lands money was spent on:

  • Training
  • Replacing projectors
  • Chromebook plans
  • Training conference Oct. 8, 9, 10

Meeting dates for 2018-2019 :  Nov. 14, Jan 9, Feb. 20

SAGE SCORES FOR for 3-6 grades

2017         Lang. Arts 49%          Math  57%         Science  52%

2018         Lang Arts   42%         Math  53%          Science  48%

Talk about RISE test for 2018-2019

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