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Community Council Meeting

July 17, 2019


Attending:  Ashley Droscher, Cindy Pendleton, Kadee Frew, Heather Cragun, Kari Breeding


Kari explained our school plan for using the new TSSA money that we have been given this year.  The money comes from state and is separate from, but used in a similar manner as the Trust Lands money we get each year.  The use of the money was based on our school goals submitted to Trust Lands for use of that money. Kari sent out a survey to the teachers for their opinions about how to use the money.  


Teacher results were:

  1.  More aide time - especially in the older grades
  2. More technology for the school to use
  3. More prep time for teachers


Here is the breakdown of how the funds will be used, from Kari. 


  • Aide time  $11,000
  • Teacher prep and collaboration $8,100
  • PLC Conference $8,000
  • Chrome books & Tech $16,110
  • Sub Teacher pay $3,000
  • PLTW $5,100
  • Robotics $2,500
  • Art $5,800
  • TOTAL $60,610


The committee approved the budget for the TSSA money and saw how it would work in conjunction with Trust Land money already being used.  


Plan to meet monthly during the school year.  Will need to hold elections for one more committee member in the Fall.  

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