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801-452-4320  |  5500 South 5900 West Hooper, Utah 84315

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Hooper Elementary PTA Board meeting minutes Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:00 a.m.Sherri Bingham’s Home, 4452 S 5500 W Hooper

Members in attendance:
Executive Board: Stacy Adams, Shanae Headley, Brandi Browning, Kari Breeding, Jennifer Cummings
Board Members: Cindy Pendleton, KaDee Frew, Cyndi Bennett, Becca Buck, Holly Draper, Jessica Smith, Kelsie Orrock,

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Shanae Headley

  • Balance in checking account as of May 2019 is $8,041.80

  • Audit was held on 29 May 2019. Fremont Council approved the audit and books have been closed for the 2018

    – 2019 school year.

    Calendar of Events: Given by Stacy Adams. Stacy presented the tentative calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. Changes include:

  • Welcome Back Assembly and the FunRun Kick Off will be scheduled for 13 September.

  • Get Movin’ FunRun will be on 27 September.

  • One Breakfast with Books Activity will be held in January, day TBD.

  • Grandparents lunch is scheduled for 4 February.

  • The 2nd (free) Classic Skate Night moved from May to January.

  • STEM bus and STEM Activities tentatively moved to April.

  • Discussion of combining Red and Purple Ribbon Weeks to one week. Stacy will discuss this with Kelli Brown,

    who has agreed to chair Red Ribbon Week.

    FunRun: Given by Stacy Adams. With the date set for 27 September, a FunRun committee needs to be organized by the meeting in July.

• Stacy will try to arrange for the Ogden Mustangs Mascot to attend the kick-off on 13 September.
Survey Results: Given by Stacy Adams. Stacy reviewed the report generated from the survey. This report is following

the minutes. 70 responses were collected.

MemberHub: Given by Stacy Adams. Stacy reported on the new MemberHub that UTAH PTA has acquired in order to help report membership dues, number, contact information and a store component.

  • The information gathering aspect of MemberHub seems very helpful.

  • Membership dues will be seamlessly sent to the State.

  • However, the fees associated with the store seem to be more than the PTA can absorb or ask parents to pay.

  • 3.5% + .50 credit card fee. Square is 2.65% per swipe or 3.4% + .15 per manual transaction.

    Currently, the PTA is tabling this store option until there is further information on the benefits of using this store. The data collection portion of MemberHub will be utilized.

    National PTA Dues Increase: Given by Stacy Adams. The National PTA will vote on a membership fee increase at the National Convention at the end of June. Increases could range from .25, .50, .75 or 1.50. At State Convention held May 16th, the most favored option was to raise .50. We have asked all members of Hooper PTA to please go to for a link to vote on your feelings concerning an increase. (Online vote closed on June 12th).

    T-Shirt Design: Given by Stacy Adams. Stacy will email out designs for the board to review and be prepared to vote on in the July meeting. Also Stacy will check into t-shirt printing options.

    Reflections: Given by Stacy Adams. Due to health issues, PTA needs to find a new chair for Reflections.

• Mrs. Breeding will make sure to send out Myconnect notices to remind parents.

  • Stacy will post reminders on the Facebook page throughout the summer.

  • It was suggested that an incentive be given to students to participate.

    Membership: Given by Stacy Adams. PTA needs to find a Membership Chair.

    • PTA has airline tickets for a basket drawing at Back to School Night.

    • Focus with a theme and a membership drive.

      Box Tops Changes: Clipping is going away in 2020 and App/Scanning is the way Box Tops is trying to go. A lot of negative feedback from consumers so it is a slow process. PTA needs to do a better job of advertising our Box Top initiatives. Teachers were unaware when the store was happening last year. Possibly move back to doing Penny Wars rather than the store. Brought in 2015 - $2901.21 2016 - $1760.30 2017 - $1380.40 2018 - $1093.90.

      Welcome Packets: Start thinking of the paperwork that needs to be included for students at Back to School Night. PTA needs to ensure that sign-up sheets are collected and combined for best possible use of volunteers.

      2019-2020 Budget: Given by Shanae Headley. The Executive Board will present a preliminary budget at the July meeting. Members should consider activities and suggest budgetary changes.

      2019-2020 Meetings: Will be scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of every month at 10 am in the extra 6th grade room. Mrs. Cummings will be the teacher representative.

      Donations: Given by Stacy Adams. Amazon Smile has only brought in a little over $200 and Smith’s Inspiring Donationshas brought in an unknown amount (sent email to Smith’s). Stacy will make sure to post on Facebook information on these passive donations to the membership. Holly Draper has $500 in Winco gift cards that will be utilized for the FunRun for water bottles and granola bars.

      Next Meeting: Monday July 1st at 10am at Hooper Park.
      August Meeting is on Monday July 29th at 10am at Hooper Park.

      Minutes Accepted: ______________________(date) Secretary__________________________________ Sign the minutes with title when they have been copied and put in the permanent binder

_____________________________________ ________________________________ (name) (title)

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