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Look here to find Hooper's safety rules for drop off and pick up!  Every child matters! 

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Principal's Message

Stay CALM when dealing with your child’s report card. Report cards can bring out power­ful emotions. The key to dealing with your child’s report card—good or bad—is to stay CALM. Before discussing your child’s grades, be sure you can stay in Control, Affirm, Listen and Motivate:

C Control. If the report card was disappointing, your first instinct might be to get angry. If it was very good, you might want to gush. Neither response will be helpful. Overreacting about your child’s grades will only demotivate him.

A Affirm. Separate the report card from your child. Even if the grades were bad, he’s not a bad kid. Start from the position, “I love you always. Now let’s talk about this report card.”

L Listen. Your child may have a very good idea of why he got good (or poor) grades. Ask, “What did you do this marking period that worked so well?” Let him say that doing homework paid off by leading to a better math grade. Similarly, if the report card is disappointing, help your child figure out what he could do better.

M Motivate. Come up with a plan for the next report card. If things are working well, encourage your child to continue doing his best. If there are changes, help him make a plan so he can do better next time.

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