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Community Council Agenda

Agenda for October 25, 2017 

Welcome –Mr. Gerstheimer

Trustland Video – Mr. Gerstheimer

Report on last year's funds:

Meeting Schedules:  

School Business – Mr. Gerstheimer

Misc. – Community Council Members


Agenda for

December 14, 2016

Welcome -  Mr. Gerstheimer

Block Schedule PLC-Stephanie Leichty

Trustland Plan Update – Mr. Gerstheimer

Budget -  Mr. Gerstheimer

School Business – Mr. Gerstheimer


Agenda For

October 14,  2016


TrustLand videos- Lori Brinkerhoff/ Mr. Gerstheimer

Compliance checklist- Mr. Gerstheimer

Report on last year's funds- Mr. Gerstheimer

Meeting schedule for the year- Council members

School business- Mr. Gerstheimer

Miscellaneous- Council members