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Parking Lot Procedures


As our student population count continues to increase, please keep in mind our pick-up/drop-off procedures.  We have a small parking lot and need your cooperation and a little patience in order to keep our Hooper Mustangs safe.  Please remember the following:  

  • When dropping or picking up your child/children, please enter the East Entrance and pull forward to the furthest point in order to keep traffic flowing.  Please don’t stop at door #11 (third-grade doors) to drop off students.  It is important that we don’t interrupt the flow of traffic by stopping at this point, please continue to move forward and then drop your child/children off.
  • Please continue to pull forward to the front of the building if the buses are gone.  This helps ease congestion in our parking lot.  Upper grade students (4-6) can walk through our K-3 playground and head towards the 4-6 playground.  
  • Please follow the signs and don’t drive through the parking lot.  
  • Feel free to park in a stall, get out of your vehicle, walk to your child, and walk them back to your vehicle during pick-up if that is more convenient for you.
  • You may also choose to drop off your child/children across the street at the church (5900 W) and have the crossing guard walk your child/children across the street.   
  • Please do not drive through the bus lane if buses are parked in front of the school.
  • In order to keep students safe, it is best for you not to park along 5500 S. If you choose to do so, you must park and get out of your vehicle and walk across the street to escort your child safely back to your vehicle. 
  • If you see a red flag posted at entrance points it represents an indoor day, due to inclement weather. If you see a yellow flag posted, this represents an indoor day for documented asthma students only. Students may enter the building immediately after being dropped off on an indoor day. 
  • Please enter the East Entrance for after-school pick-up and continue to pull forward until your child can enter your vehicle safely.  Please do not get out of your vehicle to get your child if you are in the pick-up line. Instead, park in a stall, get out of your vehicle, walk to your child and walk them back to your vehicle.  
  • Please do not drop your child off in the teacher parking lot.  

We understand that mornings can feel rushed, and as a faculty and staff, we appreciate you being courteous as we do our best to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Thank you for being mindful of student safety and for your cooperation.