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August 2022 PTA Meeting Minutes

Hooper Elementary General Membership PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at  11:00am 

 Hooper City Park 

Members in attendance: 

Executive Committee: Kristin Peterson, Heather Fowers, Jessica Smith, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Breeding

Excused Members:  Amber Adamson, Mrs. Breeding, Cindy Pendleton

Commissioners & PTA Members: Kadee Frew, Shanae Headley, Cyndi Bennett

Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes:  Given by Kristin Peterson. 

The agenda was posted on the Hooper PTA Facebook page.  It was reviewed and adopted.  July Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Heather Fowers

The report was given and was approved and adopted.  We have a balance of $8331.62. 

Membership Report: Given by Kristin Peterson.  We have 1 new member.  Kayee McFarland is not going to be able to help with Membership.  We talked about doing a classroom party for the classes that got the most PTA members.  We will discuss more at the next meeting.  We are still looking for individuals or committees to help plan some events this year.  

Legislative Update: No update

Budget: Given by Heather Fowers. We went over the budget to match our forecast for the year.  We increased a few items and also decreased a few.  The budget will be available to view and approve at Back to School Night.

Fun Run:    There was a conflict of dates for the Fun Run.  We are using Member Hub because Boosterthon is not available.  Krishel Karras is forming a committee with Heather Fowers and Natalie Dalpais.  They are thinking of holding the Fun Run on October 28th.

Faculty Brunch:   It will be held on August 22nd at 10 am.  We will be accepting membership payments and getting shirt sizes.  In order for the faculty to get a free shirt with membership they have to pay their membership by September 2, 2022.

T-Shirts: Teachers get a shirt with their membership.  They do have to have their membership paid by 9/2/22 and it is 1 free shirt per faculty member.  The shirt is for the faculty member and if they want a long sleeve they can pay the difference.   Shirts will be sold at Back to School Night.  We did not have enough members present to vote on the bids, so Kristin will be sending out a text to have people vote. 

The text was sent out with the T-shirt bids and was returned. Heather Tew, Natalie Trostle, Celeste Hatch, Amber Adamson, and Kelli Brown voted per text.  So we had 6 at the meeting and 5 text votes to take the cheapest bid.  T-shirt’s will be ordered and ready for Back to School Night.

Teacher Rep Report: Given by Mrs. Cummings. Nothing to Report.  She will talk to the teachers and let them know that PTA grants are not a guarantee each year.  We hope to do them, but it depends on our fundraising efforts.

Calendar/Upcoming Events: 


19 - Woot Woot Wagon

22-Back to School Night

22- Faculty Luncheon

23-School Starts


7-General Meeting

Meeting Adjourned at   12:45 pm  

Next Meeting:  Wednesday September 7, 2022     11 am at   Hooper Elementary

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Sign the minutes with title when they have been copied and put in the permanent binder 

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