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September 2022 PTA Meeting Minutes

Hooper Elementary General Membership PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at  11:05 am 

 Hooper Elementary School 

Members in attendance: 

Executive Committee: Kristin Peterson, Heather Fowers, Jessica Smith, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Breeding, Cindy Pendleton, Amber Adamson

Commissioners & PTA Members: Amy Howard, Any Nesson, Brittney Child, Ariel Hindmon

Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes:  Given by Kristin Peterson. 

The agenda was posted on the Hooper PTA Facebook page.  It was reviewed and adopted.  August Meeting Minutes were  posted on August 9. They were reviewed and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Heather Fowers

The report was given and was approved and adopted.  We have a balance of $10,888.43. 

Membership Report:  We will hold a membership drive in November.   We are thinking of having class parties for the classes with the most members. One in the upper grades and one in the lower grades.

Legislative Update: Advocacy Conference in November.  Registration is opening next week.

Budget: Given by Heather Fowers. The budget was approved at Back to School Night.  We will adjust it after the Fun Run.

Back to School Night:  Some people couldn’t find us in the cafeteria.  We need more signs.  People missed the popcorn and we talked about hanging shirts up on the wall with signs of where we are.  

T-Shirts:  The ones that ordered like the color and design of this year’s shirt.  Our numbers were pretty good.  We do need to put XS youth on the November order form.

Fun Run:    It will be October 28th.  It will be big and fun!!There are 7 different committees, but they still need help.  Contact Heather Fowers to help.    All the fees from Memberhub will be paid by the person donating.  

Assemblies:  On November 15 we will have a Yo-Yo assembly.  We as a PTA will sell yo-yo’s at lunch time.  

Heather is currently looking at another assembly for the school as well.

Room Moms:  They are meeting September 14th at 1:30 pm.

Reflections:  Tanya Miller is handing out notes to the children to remind them to participate in reflections.

Bookfair:  It will be in October during PTC’s.  It will be open the morning of Breakfast with Books.  We talked about the teachers getting a wishlist for kids that need a book, but aren’t able to buy a book.

Breakfast with Books:  Each grade will get a box of donuts to hand out to kids that want to stay in the classroom and read.

Teacher Rep Report: Given by Mrs. Cummings. Breakfast and the Woot Woot Wagon were great! She is going to have the teachers help promote the fun run in their classrooms.

Principal Report:  

  • Back to School Night went great!  
  • The Marquee is up and running.
  • Safety is her focus this year.  The front door will be the only door unlocked and you need to be buzzed in to get in the second set of doors.  Parents need to go out the front doors when leaving.  She will be checking the other doors 3 times a day to make sure they are locked.  If a parent /volunteer goes by and sees an outside door not closed, please close it and make sure it locks.
  • STEAM Night is the End of April.

Calendar/Upcoming Events: 


14 -Room Parent Training


5-General Meeting

Meeting Adjourned at   12:20 pm  

Next Meeting:  Wednesday October 5, 2022     11 am at   Hooper Elementary

Minutes Accepted:  ___________(date)      Secretary_____Jessica Smith__________________

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